Info 0 – Important general information

In recent times a lot has changed – the T-Mini project is becoming more and more popular in the world – orders are from Australia and New Zealand to Canada and Brazil. That’s why this portal was created. My “old” blog – will still exist, but I will not make new entries on it. What is on it – as part of my free time I will move here. All news – they will only be here.

Also new is the formalization of the business – since the beginning of February I have been operating as a registered company “mTransmiter – Marek Macner” with all of this good (and not the best) consequences 🙂

One thing has not changed – I’m still act single-person: as a designer, as a programmer, and as an electronics engineer, as a producer, and as a bureaucrat – accountant, etc … Now the time will have to stretch a bit to handle all these functions. This portal and its features will help you: the Store and communication tools. Hence – I have to introduce some minimum rules to make the whole operation run smoothly and in a way that is convenient for everyone:

  1. From now on – all orders, be it for equipment (transmitters and other that will appear), be it for services (battery replacement, service, etc.) – please submit only using the Store. All orders submitted today (26/02/2018) are entered into the Store and everyone has received an e-mail with information about creating an account in the Store and about the order. I am asking everyone to log in and check the data, especially shipping addresses and if necessary, correct the data.
  2. Communication in matters of orders, deadlines, payments, cancellations, repairs, service, etc. – by link in the Table of Contents (menu on the right on the screen) – “2. Communication, …“. Typing – starting the application on this page simultaneously starts with me the procedure of its service – at any time I know if there are new applications, or those that have already appeared, whether the matter is completed, whether it still requires some action, etc. You can also check the status of the application at any time – you can see all my activities, etc.
  3. Discussions, topics of hardware configuration, applications, etc. – by FB groups – in Polish mTransmiter, in other languages ​​- T-Mini users group.
  4. Time and general terms:
    1. The place of my work is Poland – so Central European Time (UTC + 1 hour).
    2. Mails, applications from point 2, new orders in the store, and all other messages will be checked (and answered) at least 2 times a day, from Monday to Friday – in the morning around 8-9 and in the evening around 18-19. On weekends and holidays – once in the evening around 18-19. If it works – it more often. The same applies to FB groups.
    3. I send the ordered goods and services to the Polish Post Office, registered mail, priority, so a tracking number will be available for each shipment – Poczta Polska. According to the Regulations of Poczta – the country should reach the recipient within 2 working days and abroad within 5 working days. Other shipping methods – possible, but require individual arrangements.
    4. If the order is made and paid for, and then willingness to resign – the deadline for refunding the paid money is up to 14 days from the date of resignation filed with the help of the department “2. Communication …“.

Until today – the first part of ordered T-Mini transmitters is already working for users. The shipment of the next, ordered until today is withheld due to the need for modifications resulting from the comments of the first users: Bluetooth coverage and work stability. Technical problems are already solved. On the occasion of the solution, the additional effect is to obtain the T-Mini waterproof and change the power supply from the CR2032 replacement battery to the built-in rechargeable battery allowing for multiple charging. After completing the modification works and preparing the production / processing technology of the T-Mini already made, which will take the next 2-3 days – I will give you a schedule for resuming shipment and order processing.

By the end of March, I would like to process all orders that have already been received and will still be able to take effect by the beginning of April, so that at the beginning of April T-Mini would be available on a regular basis, without waiting longer than a few days from order to shipment.


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