Info 1 – Project T-Mini – status update 16.03.2018

After the tests, modifications and modifications made in February, which resulted from the applications of previous T-Mini users, I am currently modifying the already assembled T-Mini (power conversion) for people who placed orders before the end of January. For all the others – orders placed until today and submitted on a regular basis – in the production form tiles are made and parts are ordered – I expect to be delivered next week and then they will go to assembly. A bit of a slowdown caused last week’s flu, but now it’s OK 🙂

Detailed – in individual issues, according to the current state and plans, the T-Mini project looks like this:

  1. Modification of the T-Mini is to replace the existing CR2032 battery by LiPo battery together with switching the charging and adding the charger powered by a micro USB cable (identical to the factory Libre reader) and adding the mounting frame to the band.
  2. In the previously existing T-Mini (i.e. in the first batch of 75 items sent so far to users and batch stopped 60 items), the modification will depend on soldering the cradle to the CR2032 and replacing the battery and magnetic switch and flooding the whole in the housing. New T-Mini (currently implemented lot of 250 items) – ordered from the end of January, which are just “produced” have already modified plate and arrangement of elements allowing for direct assembly of everything you need – further analogically as in “old” – flooding in the housing with silicone .
  3. The current batch of “new” T-mini – 250 items is largely sold – there are currently 38 available for free and these are still available. The next lots will count 100 pieces and the plan is to run their production, as “in stock” will give me less than 10 pieces of ready T-Mini.
  4. For the “old” and “new”, a set of necessary elements is ordered. The confirmed delivery date from the USA is next week (19-23.03). Confirmed date for the production of tiles (domestic producer) for the new batch – 22.03. Planned date of assembly (domestic contractor) – 28-30.03.
  5. The “old” lot should be ready to be programmed and potted in the housings immediately after delivery of elements from point 4 (ie until 23/03), and the new batch after assembly (30.03).
  6. Pouring in housings: prepares molds for 15 pieces for simultaneous flooding with the T-Mini. The required curing time after pouring is 24h – that is, every day it will be ready for shipping 15 pieces of T-Mini. Implementation of the charger and mounting frame is the same pouring technology in the mold and will be produced in parallel.
  7. In connection with items 5 and 6 above – plans to send daily 15 pieces of T-Mini. Recipients will receive the day before sending an e-mail with information about the planned shipment, and after sending the e-mail with the tracking number to track it. The implementation will be from the “oldest” orders.
  8. In parallel to the current preparations of forms and modules – is preparing a new program “mDiab” – at the same time for Android and IPhone phones, whose task will be to enable T-Mini configuration according to the user’s needs and upload new firmware versions to the T-Mini. The mDiab app will be available via PlayStore (android) and via TestFlight (iOS – just like Spike is available).
  9. MDiab application functions:
    1. setting the version of the transmission protocol: LimiTTer (exactly as current transmitters) and xBridge2 – a new protocol allowing, among other things, automatic replenishment of “old” readings not sent to the phone due to loss of coverage, power discharge, etc. This supplement works identically to NFC scanning – completes up to the last 8 hours, which is the same as available in the sensoire Libra. T-Mini go out with the set LimiTTer protocol and unless someone is planning to use xBridge2 – it does not have to do or change anything.
    2. setting the transfer time – from 2 to 9 minutes. It is standard every 5 minutes.
    3. firmware upgrade, or T-Mini firmware, to new versions when they appear.
    4. next, mDiab will be expanded to a full application realizing the same functions that today implements xDrip, Spike, Nightscout and loop applications “- Loop, etc.
  10. T-Mini replacement / remodeling, which are already available for users: starting from 02.04.2018. People who want to make a modification (have a problem with the range of action, etc.) please 2.04 for sending them to me. Deadline – up to 5 working days from receipt.


That’s generally all for today.

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